Monday, November 21, 2011

How to get makeup to last all day

Don't you just hate when your makeup looks flawless in the morning but by 1:00 you look like a raccoon? Here I'm going to give you some tips for keeping your makeup fresh looking all day long. If you have dry skin this may not be much of a concern for you, but the more oily your skin is the more prone your makeup is to sliding off your face throughout the day. Not what we want, right? So here I have some tips to help from lips, face, and also the eyes. Enjoy! :)


Invincible lipstick trick:

After you have applied your lipstick like you normally would, take a piece of paper towel or tissue and rip it into a small piece and then fold it in half as shown. Take the folded the paper towel in half and place it over the mouth. Grab a powder brush and load it up with pressed, loose, or translucent powder and dab it onto the area where the lipstick is underneath. This absorbs the moisture from the lipstick making it last longer throughout the day. After you have applied the powder, take your lipstick and apply a second time. Now your lipstick should last much longer!


And now for the face. First and foremost, always use a primer. In my opinion, two of the best ones on the market is smash box photo finish primer and benefits professional. A primer is used to absorb oil underneath the makeup and creates a barrier between the makeup and the skin. It is also used to create a smooth canvas and gets rid of roughness, discoloration, redness and most skin complaints. If you have good skin and don't need much coverage, primer can be worn all by itself. To use a primer with the rest of your makeup, simply apply it on the face first before applying the rest of your products like liquid foundation, and blush/bronzer.

The next product I like to use throughout the day is blotting papers. Blotting papers are used to absorb oil on the face without ruining the makeup. These are really handy to keep in your bag for touch ups. My favorite ones are the Boscia blotting sheets because they have a really nice refreshing peppermint smell. One pack comes with 100 sheets so they will last a long time. To use, just take one sheet and press, dont rub, on to the T-zone area of your face which is the forehead, nose, and chin. 

Powder is essential to keeping the face matte and shine free throughout the day. Three forms of powder are pressed, loose, and translucent. These are used to set makeup after applying liquid foundation to keep it lasting throughout the day and is also used for touch ups. Translucent powder is a clear white powder that absorbs oil on the face without giving you a ghostly cast and is usually invisible so its a one shade fits all. Pressed powders are nice because they don't make a huge mess if you take it out for touch ups and provides a mattified finish to the face. Loose powder provides the same results but is messy and can get all over your clothes, so thats why I believe pressed powders are better. A good inexpensive brand of pressed powder is cover-girl clean pressed powder. They have a special formula for each skin type including sensitive, oily, and normal skin. If you can afford to splurge a little bit, Cargo Blu-ray high definition powder is one of the best out there in my opinion. Use a powder brush to apply.


To get eye makeup to last all day its essential to use a good eyeshadow primer. This is not only good for keeping your eye shadow in place but also your eyeliner as well. It also intensifies the colors of the eye makeup. Eye primer is applied before any eye products including concealer and is used to keep eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and concealer in place throughout the day and to keep from creasing. It also provides a smoother surface to work with and makes it easier to blend the colors applied. My favorite brand of eyeshadow primer is by urban decay. Too faced shadow insurance is also very good.


Here I'm going to give you some tips on getting eyeliner to last. 
First, before applying eyeliner to the waterline, take a clean Q-tip and run it along to soak up any moisture. Next, take your eyeliner and apply it like normal. After you have done so, take an ultra thin brush and saturate it in some eyeshadow that is the same color as the eyeliner applied. Here im taking a bold black eyeshadow and patting it over the gel liner applied to my waterline. The powder formula will set the eyeliner and keep it in place longer. Another tip for using eyeliner on the waterline is to use a gel eyeliner instead of a pencil. Pencil eyeliners to not hold up well on the waterline and the product collects on the inner corners of the eye very fast. Gel liners last all day even inexpensive ones like Maybelline eye studio gel liner.

You may have found that throughout the day your eyeshadow falls onto your mascara. Whenever this happens, take a liquid liner and run it along the lashes to get them to appear black again. This will make a huge difference without clumping up your lashes like mascara. Here is a demonstration.

I hope all of these tips helped you! Have a wonderful day!

- Amanda, xoxo

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