Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Face brushes: Part one

With all the brushes out there, it can be a confusing process to choose the right brushes. Here I'm going to give you a guide on how to pick the right brushes. I hope this helps make it a little bit less complicated! Enjoy :)

The famous stippling brush.

The stippling brush has many functions and is one of my most used brushes in my collection. The stippling brush is used for liquid foundation, cream foundation,  cream or powder blushes, cream or powder highlight, and also for bronzing. I mostly use it for applying liquid foundation because the stippling design creates a flawless airbrushed effect. The white part is made of synthetic bristles and is used for picking up the product, and the black part made of natural fibers which is used to support the bristles when using the brush to buff out product on the face. When using a stippling brush, the product should never exceed the white line.

Here is a demonstration on how the product should be distributed on the brush

After the product is on the brush as shown, you can use it to "dab", do not "swirl" the brush because it defeats the whole purpose of the stippling brush. One of the cons of this brush is that you do have to use your fingers or a foam applicator to blend on the crevices of the face such as around the nose, eyes, and hairline for when using this brush to apply liquid foundation. For using this brush to apply bronzer, blushes, and highlight that will not be a concern though. The brush pictured here is the MAC brush 187 brush which runs around 40 dollars but I believe its worth the price. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, I would go with the Elf studio stipple brush which is runs around 3.00$ and provides extremely good results. This brush is definitely a must in my makeup bag!

Basic foundation brush. This brush is used for applying liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer. The best way to use this is using criss cross motions to avoid streaking. You can also use this brush to apply concealer under the eyes by using a patting motion. The brush pictured on the left is by clinique and is designed with an anti-bacterial coating that lasts for over 500 washes. So not only is this a good investment for good makeup application, but it will also help your skin keep clear by having less bacteria on the face. The brush pictured on the right is by eco-tools and is a very inexpensive and is Eco friendly but still provides a smooth flawless application. It can be easily found at any walgreens store.


If you were born with a round baby face like me, you're going to love this brush! Contour brushes are used for creating the illusion of chiseled cheekbones and an overall slimmer face. It's designed with slanted bristles to easily create depth to the face. To use a contour brush you can use either brush or bronzer, preferably matte without shimmer. To use, simply suck in your cheekbones and apply the product in the hollow of your cheeks.

The dome foundation brush. This brush doubles as a liquid foundation brush and a concealer brush. I love this brush because it has the perfect design for navigating around all the places you normally would have to blend out with your fingers such as around the eyes, nose, lips, and hairline. It is perfect for covering dark circles around the eyes or concealing blemishes.

Powder brush. This brush is perfect for setting foundation with loose or pressed powders. Setting foundation is when directly after applying a liquid foundation, you apply a powder to absorb any oil on the face to keep the foundation from smudging and gives a mattified look to the face, minimizing flaws or blemishes. Because this brush is so large and the bristles have a wide surface area, it covers the face with powder in just a few dabs. It is also great for applying a bronzer to get a sun kissed look. I usually care this brush with me in my purse with some lose powder to touch up my foundation throughout the day. I Definitely recommend one of these.

Blush brush. This brush is used for applying powdered blush to the cheeks to get a healthy rosy glow. This brush can also be used for applying bronzer.

If you are on a limited budget, I would recommend getting the brushes that are multi-functional such as the stippling brush. Brushes that only hold one purpose, such as the blush brush, are not necessary but still nice to have. If I had to pick only two must haves, it would be the stippling brush and the powder brush because with only those two you are all set with applying liquid foundation, blush, bronzer, highlight and loose powders. Always look for the highest quality you can find. Brushes should feel soft and luxurious, not hard and scratchy! In face brushes part two, I will go into details about fan brushes, concealer brushes, flat top brushes, and kabuki brushes. I will also be doing a separate post on eye makeup brushes. I hope this helped, good luck! :)

- Amanda, xoxo

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