Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winged eyeliner tutorial

A simple tutorial on how to do a winged eyeliner. This is one of those things that requires practice, but I hope this tutorial helps make it seem a bit more simple. If you want it to be more suitable for every day simple shorten the wing to create a "baby cat eye" I hope you enjoy!

Taking a towelette or an eye makeup remover, clean up the eye area to provide a smoother surface to work with.

Apply a primer potion. This step is important because it helps the eyeliner stay in place all day so that you don't end up with chipped eyeliner or raccoon eyes by keeping your lids oil free.


Take your favorite liquid liner and create short, even strokes. I find it much easier to do short lines until you reach the end of your lash-line gradually instead of doing the line all at once without stopping because its much less messy and you make less mistakes.


To give yourself a guideline, take a pencil to see where to start the flick. The wing should be pointing upwards toward the end of your brow.


Connect the flick to the eyeliner on the lid. Fill in the empty space. If you made any boo boos along the way, take a q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover and clean it up a bit. Everyone makes mistakes so don't worry if its not totally perfect!

Add some mascara and some eyeliner and your all set.  Now go rock it! :)

- Amanda, xoxo

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