Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Glamorous Holiday Eye Makeup

The holidays are my favorite time of the year. I love the colors and happiness that this time  of year brings. I got inspired to do an eye look using the colors I typically think of during this time of year using golds, rich purple and of course a little bit of sparkle. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial. I've post all the products I've used at the bottom of the page. You don't have to use the same products I'm using, just use the same colors and you will create a similar result.
Have fun!

After applying your primer, Using a blending brush and select a matte taupe color and sweep it from the lash-line to the brow bone. This step is important because it creates a gradient, or color transition, for the more bold colors we use later on.

Next, select a rich gold color and load up a flat shader brush and apply this color all over your lid stopping at the crease.

Now take a purple plum color and a flat dense brush and flip it sideways to cut the color into the crease. After the color looks saturated enough, flip the brush over and blend the color upwards toward your brow bone as shown above.


Here is what the the eyeshadow should look like so far.  

Now taking a medium brown color and a small dome shaped brush and focus on the outer "V" of your eye. You want it to be just peaking out from the purple, so try not to drag it up to high. The trick to pulling off bold eye looks like this is to never bring the darkest color up too high. After you have finished creating the outer V, take the same dome shaped brush and brown shadow and apply it to the lower lash-line as an eyeliner.

Here is what the results should be so far.

Apply some black liner to the waterline, and liquid liner on top along with some mascara and our look is complete!

 If you have smaller eyes, I would reccomend replacing the black eyeliner on the waterline with some white eyeliner. It will create the illusion of bigger eyes if thats what your looking for. Or, just leave it as is if you like it that way. You can always customize makeup to your liking.
Wishing you a have a happy holiday season! :)
- Amanda, xoxo


-Urban decay "naked" from the naked palette.
-Lancome limited edition flat brush
-Urban decay primer potion in Eden 
-Urban decay "half baked" from the naked palette. 
- Eco tools flat brush, can be purchased at walgreens
- Urban decay "last call" 
- Eco tools flat brush
- Cocoa puff from too faced cosmetics
- Dome brush from essence of beauty
- Urban decay liquid liner in "perversion"
-Mascara "they're real" by benefit cosmetics

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