Saturday, July 14, 2012

MUFE "HD Invisible Cover Foundation" Review

-Natural looking
 -Non-cakey finish
 -Has a pump
 -Is lightweight 
-Does not cause breakouts 
- Smooth and silky looking


- Not enough coverage in my opinion 

- Does not last long on Oily skin, even when set with powder.

- Won't cover blemishes or flaws. A lot of times I mix this with "Amazing concealer" by amazing cosmetics for extra coverage. This is what I am wearing in the photo above. 

- pricey! 

Would I buy this again?

Yes! I've actually gone through about three of these so far. 

What skin types is this product best for?

Normal to dry skin, with minimal coverage needed.

 How long does this product last on your skin?

Around 2 hours, after that I need to grab my blotting papers and pressed powder.

How is the coverage?

This can be good or bad depending on your taste but it takes a lot of product to create high coverage. It is build-able, but i find myself running out of this quickly because I prefer a more flawless high coverage look. But some might like the sheer lightweight look(the lucky ones with perfect skin ;)

Overall, How would you rate this product?


I hope you enjoyed this review!
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