Monday, December 12, 2011

Purple sunset

This look is inspired by the purple and bronze colors seen in a beautiful sunset. This look is more dramatic, but can easily be toned town for an everyday look by adding less of the darker purple to the outer corners. I hope you like this tutorial, have fun!

Let's get started...

Sweep a light lilac color all over the lid and stop at the crease. Don't forget your primer potion to keep the colors lasting as long as possible. Here i'm using the color "cut the cake" by too faced.

Sweep a medium purple color into the crease using a small dense brush. Once the color is saturated enough, flip the brush sideways and blend upwards to the brow bone. Be careful not to drag it up to high. You want to achieve a soft look without harsh lines. Here I'm using "party girl" by too faced

Add a dark matte purple color to the outer corner of the eyes. Here I am using "first dance" by too faced.

Add a gold highlight to the inner corners of the eye. Here I'm using "honeymoon" by too faced.

Add a copper bronze color above the crease area to create a "sun-set" effect to the makeup.

Add the final touches like eyeliner and mascara and the look is complete! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. 

- Amanda, xoxo

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  1. This is so pretty Amanda!! I love it!!! I'm a huge fan of purple! Thank you for this tutorial! I have to try it immediately!! ;) Love it!