Thursday, December 15, 2011

Double winged eyeliner

This look is super easy and you can actually use any colors you like to create this makeup. I like to use silver and black because I think they look chic together, but feel free to experiment and just have fun! I hope you enjoy this tutorial :)

First step... Take some tape (it doesn't matter what kind) and apply it slightly upwards. Before you put it on, stick the tape on your hand a few times so when you take it off later on it wont tug and pull on your eye as much.

Now take an ultra thin angled brush and some gel liner and create a wing. After you have finished the eyeliner, pull of the tape. I love using this tape method because you can get really messy but still end up with a very precise line which is essential for creating this look. You want it to be very neat.

*TIP* If you don't have any gel eyeliner around, you can use eyeshadow and "foil" it instead. To foil eyeshadow, use a wet eyeshadow brush to apply to shadow of your choice in replacement of the eyeliner. Then simply follow the same instructions shown above.

Now take another piece of tape and apply it under the black eyeliner. Angle it slightly downwards to create an edgier look. Now using the color eyeliner of your choice, take a clean angled brush and apply it above the tape. Keep it slightly shorter then the black eyeliner. Try not to make it too thick.

All done :) 

- Amanda, xoxo

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